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Welcome to CVJ Freight Services

CVJ Freight Services provides a specialized freight forwarding services into Africa and the rest of the world.

We are a firm believer in personalized customer services. We recognize that each of our customers has individual needs for the handling of their precious cargo and will therefore provide them with professional advise / service to meet their high standards, need and requirements.

With highly trained operations and admin staff you can trust that your cargo as well as the very important export documentation is in the right hands from receiving to storing to packing and finally releasing the cargo to the airline. To enable you to pre-alert you client, export documentation (air waybill) will be send to yourself before releasing the cargo to the airline. In this way you can also still make amendments if anything is incorrect.

Our premises are also under 24 hours CCTV coverage so you know your cargo is in safe hands. You are always welcome to actually see how your cargo was handled.

Because of inadequate cold room facilities at most of the African Airports we will always ensure that your perishable goods are packed / loaded at the optimum product temperature. Our premises is situated very close to the airport and the cargo gets transported in insulated vehicles to ensure that the temperature is kept constant.

Highly perishable goods will also be loaded with an insulated blanket to keep temperature increase as low as possible during handling and loading.

When required airline containers will always be fitted with an insulated blanket, and if required, dry-ice will be used to keep the inside temperature of the container as low as possible.

Fragile items like yoghurts and dairy products will first be packed in cardboard boxes and then in master cartons to withstand the rough handling of cargo by some destinations, as well as to minimize pilferage.

With PPECB(Perishable Products Export Control Board) approved cold rooms and inspection facilities, CVJ Freight Services will, where applicable, arrange for inspection of your goods. CVJ Freight Services will then also arrange all the required Export Certificates. Veterinary health permits for meat and meat products must be obtained from your supplier and delivered with the product.

When exporting to Africa or the rest of the world, whether your perishable cargo, precious general cargo or your emergency parts, let your journey start at CVJ Freight Services.

We are also currently in the process of implementing Part 108 airline security. We currently have an explosive sniffer dog with a trained handler on site to ensure that all cargo is safe to travel.


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